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My name is Shelbe Hunsaker and I am a Phoenix-based freelance portrait and street photographer. My vision is to show the unique personalities, beauty, and spirit of people through captured moments while connecting them with their lives and the beauty of the Southwest.

Originally from a tiny town at the northeast corner of California, I was surrounded by the open spaces of the high desert terrain where I cultivated a love for landscape photography. But my love for the art deepened during frequent family visits to the Oregon coast where I would “borrow” my dad’s 35mm camera and take photos of the beached sea lions. As my passion for captured moments grew, so did my subjects. I eventually fell in love with portrait photography as I had the opportunity to document my brother’s wedding, special family moments and overtime capture the life experiences of other families and couples.

After graduating with a Public Relations and Mass Communication degree from a small liberal arts school in Missouri and a few months of intense job searching, I found myself packing up my little Kia Rio and heading out to Phoenix, Arizona… in the middle of July. After surviving my first Arizona
summer and experiencing what I believe is the perfect winter season, I couldn’t help falling in love with the city.


As a fast-growing urban environment coupled with beautiful scenic views of the Sonoran Desert, Phoenix was the perfect place to reignite and cultivate my love for photography. With a style that varies from the fast-paced movement of downtown to the slow, peaceful beauty of the desert landscape, my work aims to capture the diversity of the Southwest and the desert dwellers that reside here.

In addition to working behind the lens of my camera, I work as a public affairs professional and spend my free time renovating my small townhouse in central Phoenix.

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